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User feedback – keep an eye on the user experience

Have you always wondered what others think about your site? With you have a chance to see it from another perspective. We give your customers a chance to share their opinions about your company and website. Now you can gather their feedback and use it to improve and build a strong position on the market! You won't have to install any additional software and neither will your users. It's the easiest way to learn about your site from the user's point of view. Features of the User Feedback tool include:

Three different message types, thanks to which your customers will be able to
  • - tell you about the bugs they find on your site;
  • - suggest what they'd like to change in your site;
  • - compliment your site on what they already like.

Having an easy-to-navigate website, tailored to your customers’ needs, can not only build your company’s credibility, but also increase your online sales in the long run. Give yourself a chance!

Easy-to-use feedback manager

The central place where you can keep track of all the users' feedback.
Feedback manager
All this is available with a single click of the mouse. You don't need to change the script on your website every time you make modifications to the toolbar. Simply log in to the admin panel and enable / disable sections of your toolbar. Changes will instantly appear on your website.